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Juturna is a disruptive major infrastructure origination and strategy firm based in Victoria, Australia. Founded in 2009, it is a respected economic infrastructure reform adviser to multiple governments across Australia and has in the past been a retained expert consultancy to Australia’s peak infrastructure advisory body, Infrastructure Australia.

Juturna’s work focus and passion lies in originating practical and commercial new infrastructure investments into regional and outer suburban settings. Juturna is well respected for producing fully commercial, high benefit-cost ratio projects which are carefully designed in the community interest, with impeccable macroeconomic credentials.

Much of Juturna’s practice involves originating solutions where traditional government processes are not delivering sensible commercial projects in the community interest – and where market proponents like pension funds are unwilling or unable to originate alternatives. Juturna works closely with communities to do better.

Juturna has particular expertise in transport, water and high-value agriculture development and policy in regional settings; through its associates it can draw on decades of eminent leadership, experience and skills in relevant fields. Juturna can point to an increasing body of breakthrough work displaying sensible, commercial and high benefit-cost ratio project designs and development approaches, all designed with strong fundamentals in the community interest (see Past work).

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Juturna is based in regional Victoria, with key associates in Melbourne and Canberra.

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